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About River Park Automotive, auto repair specialists

Experience and knowledge are hallmarks of our auto repair specialists team at River Park Automotive in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Experience in the auto repair business is important.  River Park’s abundance of experience allows client satisfaction even when the auto repair is outside simply what is required for your vehicle.

The benefit of being a client at River Park Automotive is they get to know you and your vehicle.  This unseen value allows them to accurately assess yours and your vehicle needs be they diagnostics and or maintenance.

From the beginning, our clients are welcome to bring their vehicle to our intelligent repair team.  There are no memberships or promos. Nobody needs to be sold a service package that doesn’t fit you or your vehicle. We do, however, offer Spring and Fall maintenance packages.

Walking through our door, you will be warmly greeted by Peter, Service Manager; or Richard, our General Manager.  The personal interaction and the preliminary interview is a one-on-one experience. Our mechanics are trained in both domestics and imports and will diagnose the auto problem. The best course of action and pricing is explained to you, the client, to make a decision.

Check out our monthly auto tips to the right for important auto repair tips or other important auto advice!

I have been relying on Rick and Peter at River Park Automotive since 2003 ... read more.


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