We’re Hiring

There is a shortage of Human Resources in every industry and ours is no different. Our profession has seen exits to other, higher paying, or satisfying trades or industry, or large corporations or government positions. Small business has a hard time competing. Small shops have closed because of this shortage. Large shops like ours have vacancies. We can afford to pay you! You don’t have to leave the trade. You don’t have to work the mundane, monotonous, overtime-required, greasy, grimy job to make an honest living with job security, safety in the workplace and work life balance. The time for this trade has never been more attractive for self-motivated, driven, career orientated, Red Seal technicians. The time is also well suited for young apprentices – this worker shortage is here to stay and rewarding careers can be had here at River Park Automotive! Call Today!

How To Leave Your Keys

On the outside of our building we have a drop box located next to the main door that accesses the shop. Click here to view all the steps.