Celebrating 25 Years in River Park South

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Our auto repair shop in River Park South is set up to take care of your local auto repair problems. These services include:

Drivability and

Complicated problems are solved by critical thinking, logic, training and equipment. We have it all to solve even the most nagging issues related to drivability, electrical systems and check engine light repairs.

Engine Systems
and Repair

From gasket failure to timing chains we have the tools, training and equipment to remedy your engine troubles.


All vehicles come with a schedule of maintenance and we subscribe to software that lets us view all the required services and procedures to keep your vehicle maintained to the manufacturers standard.

Small Fleet Management
and Maintenance

For your fleet of trucks we can assist in record keeping mileage tracking and maintenance across all brands and sizes from ¼ ton to 2 ton, safties, maintenance and repair.


With the introduction of YF – we have invested in the latest equipment to repair you’re A/C system no matter how equipped, new or old.

Tire Sales, Service
and Repair

We are a Goodyear Authorized dealer and proud of it. Held to the highest standards in quality equipment procedure training and product we can facilitate you with quality competitively. TPMS – not an issue, technologically trained and in possession of the latest and best equipment.


Electrical systems such as batteries, alternators and starters are not simple anymore. Adding control module that control these systems even more. We subscribe OEM software and own OEM hardware to handle the toughest electrical problems.

Brakes and

Nearly every car today has Antilock Brake Systems. Our team is trained in regular brake service and ABS systems alike.


Computerized, digital camera measurements is how we can accurately adjust your alignment to proect those tires and keep you straight.

Manitoba Safety

We are MPI certified to perform safeties for vehicles under 4500kg and for vehicles in the 1 Ton class which are required annually. We do not do motorcycles, trailers, buses, taxis or large Vans with 9 or more seat belts.

Trucks Chassis and
Diesel Repair

We have a dedicated bay to service trucks and diesel systems for both chassis and electrical.


Nagging noises, clunks and wobbles are remedied in this department.

If you have an auto repair problem, we can diagnose the problem and get you driving again.

How To Leave Your Keys

On the outside of our building we have a drop box located next to the main door that accesses the shop. Click here to view all the steps.