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Due to Market Pressures arising from some shop closures, the lack of available supply of new and used vehicles creating unusual high demand for repair, the availability of Human Resources considering work life balance, safety in the workplace and overwhelming stress in our building and throughout our supplier network, and supply chain network deficiencies we are experiencing very high workload days and turnaround times are increasingly longer. Unfortunately this is something we must get used to. Our Market Survey confirms these experiences are also among the large retailers and the dealerships. As a result we have strived to scientifically build our appointments to better complete work within one or two days. This has reduced the volume per day and thus extended out the next available day while raising rates to match costs created by this dynamic.

We still accept “Breakdowns” and “No Appointment Work”. We strive to learn something about your “Breakdown” within 3-5 days, however turnaround times can be weeks.

We may deny third party work such as MPI claims, Aftermarket Warranty work, and Fleet Card Business as the administration required and discount structure is becoming a cost burden the rest of our clientele does not deserve.

Priority is given to the Faithful Clientele and New Clients may not get an appointment for “weeks”. Blind Estimates will only be done for Current Clients and in many cases we will insist that diagnosis is performed by our staff.

We sincerely appreciate your business and understanding.

River Park Automotive

To do the job right we need the flexibility of assigning work to our technicians that suits their strengths. Due to the volume of work it is best that we have your vehicle for the whole day of your appointment. The ability to assign work strategically only helps the client receive better service and results. Rushing through a job to meet a timetable may not meet the proper service requirements.

For a breakdown

No appointment needed

We realize you could not predict a breakdown. Your breakdown is treated in the fairest manner; first to arrive in order first to be seen in order.

For a flat tire

No appointment needed

Turn around time depends on how busy the tire department is, usually within a few hours, normally remedied same day.

For a lighting issue

No appointment needed

Degree of difficulty will be assessed upon request which will determine turn around time.


Appointment required

As schedule permits. In spring and fall it can sometimes take up to 3 weeks in advance to secure your appointment, please plan accordingly. The commitment we make is that if you waited that long to get in we will execute the day of! In seasons of less volume, usually within 5 business days.

Simple oil changes

Waiting appointment

Some would say “no such thing”, as vehicles require certain grades or brands of oil, or where access to drains and filters require specialized equipment and procedures a “simple oil change” becomes a time taking event.

Most vehicles have a maintenance reminder where re-set procedures may require a computer interface protocol. This adds to turn around time for your oil change appointment.

However, we do reserve some spots at 8:00AM and again at 1:00PM for a “waiting oil change appointment”. In this instance the turn-around time can be as quick as ½ hour or aimed at no longer than an hour. If a waiting appointment cannot be accommodated we recommend the vehicle is left with us and we’ll notify when vehicle is ready for pick up.

Non-breakdown services

Appointment required

For non-breakdown service work, such as engine oil leaks, poor heat, air conditioning, safety inspections, etc., we recommend that vehicles are left by appointment for the day of and depending on the degree of difficulty and scope of work perhaps even beyond.

How To Leave Your Keys

On the outside of our building we have a drop box located next to the main door that accesses the shop. Click here to view all the steps.