COVID-19 Customer Policy

For our customers:

The Province has deemed Auto Repair an Essential Service. As such, we are open. Our hours remain as they are on our website.

We will be giving priority to all vehicles related to other Essential Services.

Please respect Physical Distance Guidelines. Our store front is now designed to insist on physical distancing and we request that be respected.

If you feel more comfortable, for no contact service please use our key drop even during open hours. Instructions for doing can be found here.

For contactless service please use our TEXT TO PAY web-based interface, it is easier for all our staff and show room congestion at end of day. Traditional payments are obviously still accepted for each transaction and on the credit card machine, we encourage TAP, paying over the phone, and e-transfer. E-transfer at Thank you.

Your keys are Lysol wiped at reception. For each new work order a new set of gloves are used. Lysol wipes are used when your repairs are completed. Your keys are wiped before they are returned to you.

We insist that your wheel lock key is left alone in the cup holder of your vehicle. We will not look for it in the car, for your safety and ours. Thank you.

Once your invoice is paid, if you prefer your keys left in the vehicle for pick up please make those arrangements with your service writer.

Our texting number is 204-400-5789
Our phone number is 204-254-4242

We will endeavor to remain open as long as clients are coming and as long as the health authority permits us to do so.

Thank you very much!
All the staff at River Park Automotive

How To Leave Your Keys

On the outside of our building we have a drop box located next to the main door that accesses the shop. Click here to view all the steps.